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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Becoming Beautiful is back!

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to Becoming Beautiful! After an extended hiatus, I am back to continue writing! It is my sincere wish that this blog continues to be a source of inspiration for all of you.

Today I would like to share some reminders about having faith in the Unseen and receiving  divine answers to your questions.

All change, all creation, begins with a BELIEF. Nurture that belief, let it develop and grow, and it will become your experience. You will be reaping the harvest of the seed, or belief, that you sow. Just ASK, and the Universe, God, your subconscious mind, the Invisible, or whatever you prefer to call the Unseen Power, will ALWAYS answer. But you just have to ASK. You can make the question simple. Relax and focus on asking for something you can fully believe in right now. Perhaps you could ask, « how can I go forward in carrying out my dream to change my physical appearance? » Maybe you will be led to a specific person, a piece of information, a technique to try. Take the first step. Ask in the faith that you will receive, because you WILL be answered.

Just recently I asked a similar question, and soon after, I graciously received the perfect answer. That answer led me to decide to continue this blog! In regards to physical change, I asked how to continue, what was the next step. I asked to be led to someone or something that would be of help. And I was! It happened much quicker than expected too!

Anyone can ask at any place, or any time. It’s a simple step to take and receiving an answer is, for many people, an easy thing to believe in. Take small steps forward and begin where you are RIGHT NOW. If you have trouble believing what is possible, that achieving your desired physical change through the mind is difficult or not possible for you, remember that you don’t have to shift your entire belief system overnight. You can take a small step today, and your faith and belief will grow. You will be closer to your goal!

Do not let the negative voices, a deep sinking feeling inside, get to you and tell you that you can’t. YOU are the one who is in charge of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t let the heaviness and fear push you away from your desire. Give sincere thanks that YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! Live and pretend as if you already have your desired features. Pretend and relish in the joy that having them brings you. You deserve to experience and have what brings you joy and peace. Let the lightness of your desire guide and free you.

Becoming Beautiful


  1. Can u tell how hard most people find to change their bone structures?
    I am convinced it can be done( but not sure if I can make it work for myself
    I am planning to change some of my face features(which requires cheek bone,jaw bone changes) but dont have confidence. So I will start with something believable
    Any Suggestions?

    1. Hello h33d,

      One method you could try is making a NAP, which is a night recording that gives suggestions to your subconscious mind, which controls growth. Because a NAP is played while you sleep, your subconscious mind takes the suggestions even if you do not have full faith yet consciously.

      If you have a microphone on your computer, record with emotion how happy and gracious you feel to have the features you desire. You can also record how gracious you are that your bones have changed, that you love having the new features, etc.

      I hope this response was helpful to you.

      In joy and faith,

  2. I am also trying to make changes to my facial bones(cheekbones,jawbone).
    I know of evidence that it can be done by mind alone but not sure if I can do it.
    You know any people on cpa who have done bone changes?(not a cpa member)And how long it took them(if any)?
    Can you tell how long it usually takes for most people?

  3. I think it depends on each one. I've read people who have grown 4 inches in approximately 1 year. So, if you take 1 year to make your bones 4 inch bigger, your cheekbones can probably change in less than 1 year, I think it might take some 5 months or so.

  4. did you experienced some progress so far?



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