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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back from a hiatus!

Dear Readers,

Though there haven't been any new posts since last month, I am now back and enthusiastic to provide you with new information and keep you updated on my own progress.

I will admit that my consistence during the past few weeks hasn't been the best, and I haven't been visualizing as frequently and as consistently as I did in the beginning. Nevertheless, it pleases me to say that I have made mental progress - the reality of my facial bones changing form has grown stronger in my consciousness and these beliefs are being reinforced every day. My image of the look I would like to possess has grown much clearer and more definite. My method has evolved, and in this post, you will read how.

One text that has influenced me a lot is "It Works" R.H. Jarrett. This small book was written in the 1920s and gives very concise instructions about how to attain anything you wish. You can find a free online copy here.
  1. Make a list as mentioned in "It Works". Become very specific about what you want, make a clear list and look at it three times a day - morning, daytime, and night. When you read this list, your subconscious mind takes hold of these desires and works to bring them to physical reality. Whenever I read my list, I try to feel grateful and happy about each item, as if I possess/experience all of them. With this list, it's helped me to list smaller (but urgent) goals towards the top of the list. I also make sure to give myself ample time to see them through. For instance, my goal for my eyes is 4mm wider on each side by 22 November 2012.
  2. Visualize morning and night for 15-20 minutes. I feel a tingling sensation and light pressure in the areas of my face where my eyes are moving into position (sorry if that came out oddly in this language!) Visualizations in the day have also been helpful for me when I feel especially motivated. I like to think of it this way : some days, I may feel more motivated or have more time to put towards the accomplishment of my physical change goals. So on those days I take advantage of my mental state and visualize for longer periods and with more intensity than usual. Those days balance out the times when my focus wanders.
  3. When I visualize, I sometimes use the recordings of Zixia or Victoria Wizell (search "Victoria Wizell grow taller" on Google.) Though they are specified towards growing taller, I apply them to changing my facial bone structure, particularly the shape and size of my eye sockets and nasal bridge. I have found that listening to these hypnosis recordings help me stay focused and often put me in a hypnotic trance quicker.
  4. Keep track of your progress with a calendar. I write the days I have visualized (ideally every day!) on a calendar. This way I can see how much I've put into my goal and can see when and if I get off track, such as last month. Seeing my effort on paper really solidifies how much I want this and how I must discipline myself I am going to get there.
When a doubtful thought comes to mind, it is much, much easier and more natural for me to switch it into a positive one. For instance, when I feel down about my current appearance and think how unhappy I feel looking this way, I quickly remind myself that my new face - with its beauty and balanced proportions - is on its way! I tell myself that I should be thankful and happy that it is happening, that progress and physical growth is occurring every day, and that with each time I visualize, my dream is within closer reach. I remind myself that I have put the effort into learning about the mind, visualizing, and becoming very clear about my desires. It's natural to become impatient when you are waiting for something, but it is good to know that it is still coming, and that it's only been two months.

I also remind myself of the other things I have accomplished in my life, especially those that would have been deemed as "impossible" by the majority of people.

Believe in yourself - don't ever let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do.

Best wishes to all,



  1. Hey missed you! Thanks for the update and sharing your tips and plans with us! I'm close to being just as organized as you! I've been keeping up with my visualizations. Also I do my best to feel my cells whenever I do these sessions. I visualize and listen to theta for nearly 30 mins a day. Just doing the visualization reinforces the body I desire in my mind. Making me think thats what I look like already.

    1. Hello Wasp,
      Thank you for your comment. It's good to hear that you have also been getting yourself organized and that you have been keeping up with your visualizations. Listening to theta waves sounds like a good way to imagine yourself in your new body, your ideal body.
      I would love to hear more about your progress, keep in touch.

  2. Your welcome. As far as I know theta helps with visualization. Isis a member on CPA is using theta meditation to change her nose. Careful because it can make you drowsy. It has also helped me to fall asleep and when I wake up I notice I left the darn thing playing all night.

    Lol its been hard for me lately to think of my previous body which is great! I can just see that sexy man I want to be making me feel better or confident in situations.

  3. this is gonna sound stupid but i always feel guilty and regretful that i didnt successfully change my appearance earlier, cause of that nagging possibility that you could have changed sooner.
    beginning of this year i got stressed and really wanted to change as fast as i could, but somehow i didnt stay consistent/motivated enough, cant stop effing procrastinating (this process feels like "work" so i avoid and just do other leisurely crap.
    i so regret this, last year at least i was trying for months yet struggling but this year i feel hardly motivated and havent done much so i regret that more

    what do i do, i cant get over regretting these things (and instead of just continuing doing the techniques i dwell on and feel bad for not changing earlier), i just wish to have chnaged so much sooner but now i cant get that lost time back. i always set these deadlines all the time, like with everything. i dread every birthday knowing nothnig still has changed

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for writing, I hope my response will be of help to you.

    Know that you are not alone in feeling guilty and regretful about not starting earlier. I, too, often feel the same way. It's been 5 years since I've discovered that we have the ability to change our physical appearance with our minds. On and off I would visualize, but only sporadically, and I never made it past a few sessions. I used to also want results fast, and of course would like to see them sooner than later (who doesn't?)

    Picture the process as a journey - one that can be very fulfilling and enriching. Use this time to develop a clearer image of what you want, and your desire for the physical change will grow ever stronger and more resilient. When you commit yourself to following through to the end, your desire will stay firm and planted. This is essential for the achievement of your physical change goal, whether you pursue it with visualization, hypnosis, or any other method. There is no secret, other than to persist and to do what you need to do every day.

    Think of another time in your life when you have achieved another large goal through pursuing certain actions each day. For me at least, it's the same with these other goals that I have accomplished. They were achieved through persistence and small steps, and the journey was one of self-discovery and enjoyment. Very much like savoring the summer : a leisurely stay in the country or a delicious meal outdoors with friends - no rush, just pleasure and new discoveries. Treat your visualizations or hypnosis sessions as pleasure, like anticipating an exciting experience or a special gift. Focus on the way you will feel when you possess the feature(s) you want and imagine the future scenarios you will experience.

    Maybe you can make it a goal that by next birthday, you will achieve a certain change in your appearance! Read this goal every day, several times daily would be best. With your goal at the front of your mind, you will be more motivated to pursue your daily visualization to bring you closer to completion. With a little step everyday, you will achieve it!

    Best of luck and please don't hesitate to write more.


    1. thank you that last part sounds like a good idea, i want to change at least something before then. i'm just wondering, when you plan to achieve it by a certain time can it happen sooner than that i.e sooner than my birthday?

      so its ok to set a deadline for physical change? ive manifested some things before using LOA with a deadline (even for next day) which worked when done right, but would your body respond to a time limit (cause its unpredictable when you will change)

  5. Dear Wasp,

    I listened to a theta recording yesterday and it was incredibly relaxing. It's obvious why theta can be extremely helpful in putting one in a relaxed and free state.

    Thank you for telling me about Isis, I will check out some of her posts on PI. You are making good progress - seeing yourself as your ideal image is a huge step, bravo. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes with your journey,




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