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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Goals for Physical Change

Why did I begin this blog? Well, it is important to me to achieve certain changes in my facial structure and features. I desire to become the physical vision of myself that I have in my mind. This version of my face is not too different from how I look right now - the coloring and the majority of the features and structure is the same. However, there are a few areas that I would like to change in order to fit this image.

The primary change I am focusing on now is the spacing between my eyes. This is the one change that I believe will bring more physical beauty to my face. In proportion to my other facial features, my eyes are a bit small and too close together. To achieve a more harmonious and beautiful look, I'm seeking to increase the spacing between my eyes by several millimeters to a little over a centimeter. I am also setting out to increase the length and height of each eye, giving the area a more open and youthful look.

This change is something that I have been seeking to create for a long time. I have tried to visualize and to undergo self hypnosis before, but I didn't persist long enough to see results. Had I continued with the process, I would have the desired change right now. That's one of the primary reasons that I have created this blog - a physical record of your daily actions can keep you focused and motived to see your goal to the finish.

Please note that I will not be posting pictures here - I prefer to keep my identity private. Nevertheless, you may post links to your own pictures if you wish.

Sending you focus and positive energy to achieve the change you seek!

- Becoming Beautiful


  1. Leelee Sobieski off the wicker man has close set eyes. In face reading close set eyes belongs to a person who loves detail. Have you tried editing your photos? I found that to be really helpful. I don't need to look at photos now because I have the image I want in my head.

    1. Hello Wasp,

      Thank you for the suggestion about editing photos. I have tried with some basic programs, but they tend not to come out how I envision! So like you, I rely on the image I have in my mind. It's much more effective and beautiful, in my opinion.

      I have learned about face reading too and have found it to be interesting. My eyes aren't too close set as they are a width apart, but they are small and and my face is a little wide. Some people look very nice with eyes that are closer together, it really depends on how your other features harmonize. You named Leelee, who is a pretty lady and whose face is overall quite balanced. For me however, I believe that increasing the size of my eyes, the space in between them, and an overall shorter lower face would look more aesthetically appealing (again, this is just my opinion.)

      Happy manifesting,


  2. I agree with you on that I edited photos and sometimes they didn't come out the way I wanted it to but they gave me a good idea of how I could imagine it a lot better. The face shape you are after sounds pretty feminine. Don't worry I know what you mean I've always found symmetry attractive too especially on girls. I believe there is also another member on CPA who wants to change her eye shape like make it larger. Are you after an oval or inverted triangle face? I'm after a squarish face like broad forehead and angular jaws and square chin. I think my face shape is either oblong or diamond (quite a rear face shape).

    1. The problem for me isn't really bilateral symmetry, as both sides of my face match up fairly decently. It's more of a question of proportion and what looks aesthetically appealing and attractive - hence "beautiful." I'm after making my face a bit shorter (from eyebrows to the end of chin), a higher and more prominent forehead, and a slightly narrower jaw. So perhaps more of an inverted triangle shape.

  3. did you got your goals ?? and please can i email you , i ma a girl and i am 13 i want to have a smaller nose and fuller lips and wider eyes :D i feel selfish wanting all of that hahaha please can you share more information ? other posts can't help



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