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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Practical Wisdom from a Self-Improvement Classic

Dear Readers,

In today's post, let it be my pleasure to share with you a wonderful book about the subconscious mind and the miracles it can create in our lives. "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" (by Joseph Murphy, link to the free PDF) discusses not only the infinite capabilities of the subconscious to bring our desires to fruition, but it also shares stories of people who have successfully tapped into this power to heal themselves and others, enrich their lives with prosperity, harmoniously relationships, and much more.

The author also shares numerous techniques about how to tap into this storehouse of power that is within each and every one of us. He focuses especially on the use of "scientific prayer", and goes into explaining why, if performed successfully, this method will always bring results. 

Remember, we only use at most 10% of our brains consciously. Utilizing the subconscious mind's power is vital to producing infinite goodness, abundance, and joy in our lives.

Undoubtedly, you can apply the principles in this book to bringing about the physical change you seek. Giving thanks, praying, and affirming its presence will, in due time, bring about the change to reality.

One of my favorite techniques from this book is the author's suggestion to simply repeat the word of what you want and let it sink deep into your subconscious mind. This method proves to be of utmost help if you are having trouble believing in traditional affirmations. For example, if you desire to grow taller, simply say to yourself "great height" or "tall". Repeating to yourself only one or two words, rather than a phrase like "I am very tall", is extremely productive in producing the feeling of having your ideal height. When you repeat a single word or two, you fill your mind with images of that word and they are accepted by your subconscious mind without any conflict. Thus, you don't have to already possess unwavering belief for the image to be accepted! This is great news for those of you who are just learning more about changing physical appearance through your mind, or those who prefer guiding their physical change with simplicity and relaxation. You can easily do this in the few minutes before going to sleep, as well as throughout the day when you feel yourself in an especially receptive state.

Apart from this wonderful text, with joy I will now tell you about new addition to every post. From now on, at the end of each post on Becoming Beautiful, there will be a short description and link to a "Miracle Story". Here you will learn about someone who successfully altered their physical appearance through non-physical means, or whose physical being possess certain characteristics that defies what most people would consider "possible" or "natural". It is truly my joy to share these awe- and faith-inspiring stories with you.

Miracle Story : She always dreamt of being a man, and then her dream came true!

Allow me to present the story of Thin Sandar, a young woman from Myanmar who experienced a spontaneous sex change overnight. After years of praying to Buddha about her desire to be born a man in her next life, she woke up one morning to discover that her sex organs had changed. You can read more about Thin Sandar's miracle here.

Sending you all inspiration and faith,

Becoming Beautiful


  1. Thanks a lot! This show how anything is possible if you have faith.

    1. Thank you! It makes me happy to hear that this blog has helped you in some way :)

  2. Thank you so much friend! Missed you so much lately and your post too! It must have been 3 weeks ago when I noticed you had new posts. Good you keep up the good work. Hope people come across this blog randomly and realise "wow cool I can so finally change my face appearance". This is probably one of the first blogs I've ever came across that talks about changing your entire physique supernaturally and same includes our lovely friend Zixia but her one mostly discusses height.

    That is interesting you talked about the affirmations in this post because I noticed how lazy I feel when I say an affirmation in a sentence. When I affirm it in a sentence such as "Cells make me as tall as 6'3" I feel like its making me think too much and it feels like I'm straining my thoughts when I say it in a sentence. But I realised when you say it short like what you mentioned such as "6'3" or "Tall". It feels easy and it doesn't strain your thoughts because it just comes easy and simple.

    In CPA I remember coming across a news article for the first time about a Myanmar lady named Thin Sandar who had a sex change and I was just amazed when reading it. I think you can find a thread about in CPA. I think its called "Sex Change".

    I read some of Joseph Murphys book which I still haven't finished yet. But I find it quite simple and enjoyable to read when I got it out of the library.

    Wasp. xoxo

    1. Hello Wasp,

      It was nice to receive your reply. :) Yes, feeling and focusing on "6'3" or "tall" is a good way to produce the feelings of having what you want. There is no doubt or resistance when dwelling on simple words rather than sentences.

      Look forward to reading your future replies!

  3. Hi All - I just accidently found this blog, love it so far. Two things I'd like to share real quick. To the poster who desires to grow taller, look into Anthony Robbins. Hope I have his name right. If I'm not mistaken, he did just that - visualized himself to be taller. It worked and put him on the Law of Attraction path. I'm sure you can google the details. Also - although not a physical change, I visualized myself "well" after a horrific 15 year nightmare with alcoholism. I did not see myself in recovery, I saw myself "well" as if I never had the diseasse. One morning, 20 years ago, I woke up and the nightmare was over. ALL desire to drink was gone. I've never touched a drop since, never ONCE had even the sllightest craving and I've never gone to meetings or anything similar. I can only say in hindsight that I wanted to be well more than I would want a breath of air after being under water for 10 minutes. OBSESSIVE DESIRE. The second thing was a total surrender or letting go. I remember the exact moment. I was truly ready, willing, and even begging to die. I gave up, threw in the towel, I was so done with being so sick. What I believe really happened is that my "letting go" meant my getting out of the way so God could move in. Seriously, it all happened in one night. I've only told a handful of people over the years and no one really "gets" what a complete and utter miracle it was. I could not NOT drink. Not even for 24 hours. Not for AA nor for the multitude of other programs I signed up for. The willingness was there, but the disease was way bigger than me. So, take from this whatever you can and leave the rest. I hope this helps someone.

    1. ""letting go" meant my getting out of the way so God could move in" that was very inspiring, thank you



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