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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello Readers!

In today's post, I will be discussing another great way to assist you in achieving your goals: hypnosis! Self-hypnosis can put you in a deeply relaxed state in which you are receptive to the suggestions given. On the internet, you can find great hypnosis recordings for growing taller, such as those by Victoria Wizell and Dr. Laura De Giorgio. Even if gaining height is not your goal, using the recordings for changing other physical attributes can be very effective.

Instead of using my own homemade recordings, sometimes I use Victoria Wizell's "grow taller" recordings. They are around 30 minutes in length and are pleasant to listen to before or after sleeping. In my case, I don't imagine myself growing taller; rather, I listen to the recordings while imagining my facial features changing. It's always nice to change things up in your routine if you are someone who enjoys variety.

I also recommend the recordings on Zixia's blog, Grow taller with me. Zixia's recordings focus more on using Qigong for relaxation and creating the change. If you have an interest in the Chinese practice of Qigong, then her's may be perfect for you!

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  1. Lol thats what I did too I didn't just imagine growing tall but other parts of my body changing when listening to Wizell's grow taller clips. My favourite was the chakra exercise where you imagine yourself in the future with your new body and cellular level I think its called. My least favourite was the posture and stretching one.
    I didn't know this but I heard Nicole was a member of PI at one point.
    There was a site which hosted Victoria Wizell's grow taller clips but the sites expired now. I heard of Laura De Giorgio too.
    I use to have Victoria's 9 grow taller (including introduction) clips but I didn't listen to them enough. I deleted them this year because I have a lot of physical changes I want to accomplish. If I listened to them a lot regularly last year and did my yoga routine regularly I would have completed my goal a lot earlier. I can't change what happen but just looking back at last year can help me not make the same mistakes this year and help me to be more persistant and consistant in my goals.

  2. can you reccomend any links to physical hypnosis that is FREE??? thank you :)

  3. @ Anon What are you wanting to use hypnosis for?
    Try hyptalk you can download your sample clip there. Or youtube but convert it to mp3.

  4. WASP for clear skin thicker hair??

  5. for clear skin
    thicker hair
    bigger breast?

  6. again like I said check youtube and convert the clip ok. =)

  7. how can i download it ? i want one that's free cause i can't buy online things ?
    and do you really believe in it cause i want to believe and do it but afraid it won't work .but you really gave me an inspiration thankyou please write more

  8. so what do you exactly do to change ? visualize only ? but i can't visualize unluckily i can't see clear pictures . it's not vivid at all :( help me please

  9. please can i give you my email so you can tell me what did you do exactly ? i want to also change some things in my face . facial features you know :D but i can't visualize :((( please can you give me your email ? you really inspired me . i'v been looking and searching through the internet but found nothing and i really want to try and acheieve it oh i wish

  10. i want to change my dark brown hair to dark blonde naturally is that possible with hypnosis or what???

  11. how do i visualize i can't do it ???

  12. your email???? did it succed??? any sucess

  13. did the visualization work for you????



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