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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Believe and See, See and Believe

Dear Readers,

In today's post, allow me to share with you another technique to strengthen your mental image and to further convince yourself of possessing (or receiving) your desired traits. All you will need is an image editor, such as Photoshop or (free online!) And of course, some knowledge of how to use these programs will be helpful as well.

What you can do is edit your photos to show yourself with the ideal change you are seeking. This technique has been used for weight loss, where it invokes the desired result into an individual's mind. Seeing yourself with the desired change makes it much more vivid and believable to your mind.

Miracle Story: Joseph Pierce Farrell, Manifesting Michelangelo

Joseph Pierce Farrell is an American consciousness-based healer. He has successfully healed patients of facial deformities, rejuvenated skin for a more youthful appearance, and bone fractures - all through using consciousness! His book, Manifesting Michelangelo, is a testimony to his success in treatment and the discoveries he has made in the field of energy healing. There are numerous videos of his interviews on Youtube, and you can also visit his website for more information about his work.


  1. Great to hear from you again BB! I have a clear image of the body I want and I enjoyed editing a photo of this face I saw of this guy. On that face were dark under-eyes.

    Thank you for mentioning Joseph Pierce Farrell he is the guy I was looking for on the net! I googled faith healers and I couldn't find one of his clips I was after. It was specifically this clip I was after

  2. Dear Wasp,
    I am happy that this post included just the right information you were searching for. :) That's a great video, it is amazing that more and more people (including well-respected medical professionals!) are becoming interested in the mind-body connection and its vast potential.

    Stay tuned, there is more to come on this blog soon!

    In joy and faith,
    Becoming Beautiful

    1. Hey Beautiful Beautiful!

      I find that clip where Joseph changed the mans nose inspiring because surgery cannot correct the mans nose to the extent to what it looks like now. I do wonder if that would be the new surgery of the future because there are people like myself who have concerns about the dangers of surgery and implants.

      Take care,
      Wasp. xoxo



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