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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Write a list...

...of all your desires! Get specific, and list as many things as you can think of, or just as many that feel good for you. Include EVERYTHING you would like to see change, down to the smallest of details.

Somehow, writing things down (or typing them!) plants an even deeper seed in your subconscious. Come back to this list whenever it feels good, or whenever you happen to find it again. You will be reminding your conscious mind of what it is you desire.

Something else for those of you who enjoy artistic pursuits: DRAW, PAINT, SCULPT, etc. your ideal body or face! Maybe you will put your creation in a place where you will see it often, maybe you will produce many works or just one that really evokes joy in you. You will give energy to what you desire, and this practice will also help give you clarity about what it is you want. Of course, the act of creating is always a joy in itself as well. :)

It is my sincere belief that someday, people will be able to, through their own inner power, change their physical appearance, health, and that physical "aging" will be a thing of the past. ;)

Hypnosis for a more curvaceous silhouette

This article, published in 2007 by Daily Mail Online, explains how hypnosis has been able to help women increase their breast size. It mentions how removing psychological blocks encouraged growth, as well as how the hypnosis process was of great benefit to these women's self-esteem and psychological outlook. What wonderful things to gain!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Believe and See, See and Believe

Dear Readers,

In today's post, allow me to share with you another technique to strengthen your mental image and to further convince yourself of possessing (or receiving) your desired traits. All you will need is an image editor, such as Photoshop or (free online!) And of course, some knowledge of how to use these programs will be helpful as well.

What you can do is edit your photos to show yourself with the ideal change you are seeking. This technique has been used for weight loss, where it invokes the desired result into an individual's mind. Seeing yourself with the desired change makes it much more vivid and believable to your mind.

Miracle Story: Joseph Pierce Farrell, Manifesting Michelangelo

Joseph Pierce Farrell is an American consciousness-based healer. He has successfully healed patients of facial deformities, rejuvenated skin for a more youthful appearance, and bone fractures - all through using consciousness! His book, Manifesting Michelangelo, is a testimony to his success in treatment and the discoveries he has made in the field of energy healing. There are numerous videos of his interviews on Youtube, and you can also visit his website for more information about his work.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Practical Wisdom from a Self-Improvement Classic

Dear Readers,

In today's post, let it be my pleasure to share with you a wonderful book about the subconscious mind and the miracles it can create in our lives. "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" (by Joseph Murphy, link to the free PDF) discusses not only the infinite capabilities of the subconscious to bring our desires to fruition, but it also shares stories of people who have successfully tapped into this power to heal themselves and others, enrich their lives with prosperity, harmoniously relationships, and much more.

The author also shares numerous techniques about how to tap into this storehouse of power that is within each and every one of us. He focuses especially on the use of "scientific prayer", and goes into explaining why, if performed successfully, this method will always bring results. 

Remember, we only use at most 10% of our brains consciously. Utilizing the subconscious mind's power is vital to producing infinite goodness, abundance, and joy in our lives.

Undoubtedly, you can apply the principles in this book to bringing about the physical change you seek. Giving thanks, praying, and affirming its presence will, in due time, bring about the change to reality.

One of my favorite techniques from this book is the author's suggestion to simply repeat the word of what you want and let it sink deep into your subconscious mind. This method proves to be of utmost help if you are having trouble believing in traditional affirmations. For example, if you desire to grow taller, simply say to yourself "great height" or "tall". Repeating to yourself only one or two words, rather than a phrase like "I am very tall", is extremely productive in producing the feeling of having your ideal height. When you repeat a single word or two, you fill your mind with images of that word and they are accepted by your subconscious mind without any conflict. Thus, you don't have to already possess unwavering belief for the image to be accepted! This is great news for those of you who are just learning more about changing physical appearance through your mind, or those who prefer guiding their physical change with simplicity and relaxation. You can easily do this in the few minutes before going to sleep, as well as throughout the day when you feel yourself in an especially receptive state.

Apart from this wonderful text, with joy I will now tell you about new addition to every post. From now on, at the end of each post on Becoming Beautiful, there will be a short description and link to a "Miracle Story". Here you will learn about someone who successfully altered their physical appearance through non-physical means, or whose physical being possess certain characteristics that defies what most people would consider "possible" or "natural". It is truly my joy to share these awe- and faith-inspiring stories with you.

Miracle Story : She always dreamt of being a man, and then her dream came true!

Allow me to present the story of Thin Sandar, a young woman from Myanmar who experienced a spontaneous sex change overnight. After years of praying to Buddha about her desire to be born a man in her next life, she woke up one morning to discover that her sex organs had changed. You can read more about Thin Sandar's miracle here.

Sending you all inspiration and faith,

Becoming Beautiful

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Becoming Beautiful is back!

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to Becoming Beautiful! After an extended hiatus, I am back to continue writing! It is my sincere wish that this blog continues to be a source of inspiration for all of you.

Today I would like to share some reminders about having faith in the Unseen and receiving  divine answers to your questions.

All change, all creation, begins with a BELIEF. Nurture that belief, let it develop and grow, and it will become your experience. You will be reaping the harvest of the seed, or belief, that you sow. Just ASK, and the Universe, God, your subconscious mind, the Invisible, or whatever you prefer to call the Unseen Power, will ALWAYS answer. But you just have to ASK. You can make the question simple. Relax and focus on asking for something you can fully believe in right now. Perhaps you could ask, « how can I go forward in carrying out my dream to change my physical appearance? » Maybe you will be led to a specific person, a piece of information, a technique to try. Take the first step. Ask in the faith that you will receive, because you WILL be answered.

Just recently I asked a similar question, and soon after, I graciously received the perfect answer. That answer led me to decide to continue this blog! In regards to physical change, I asked how to continue, what was the next step. I asked to be led to someone or something that would be of help. And I was! It happened much quicker than expected too!

Anyone can ask at any place, or any time. It’s a simple step to take and receiving an answer is, for many people, an easy thing to believe in. Take small steps forward and begin where you are RIGHT NOW. If you have trouble believing what is possible, that achieving your desired physical change through the mind is difficult or not possible for you, remember that you don’t have to shift your entire belief system overnight. You can take a small step today, and your faith and belief will grow. You will be closer to your goal!

Do not let the negative voices, a deep sinking feeling inside, get to you and tell you that you can’t. YOU are the one who is in charge of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t let the heaviness and fear push you away from your desire. Give sincere thanks that YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! Live and pretend as if you already have your desired features. Pretend and relish in the joy that having them brings you. You deserve to experience and have what brings you joy and peace. Let the lightness of your desire guide and free you.

Becoming Beautiful

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Helpful Links

Hello Readers,

Today I've found two good websites for anyone seeking clear instructions about how to visualize their desired change. These two pages reference specifically to those seeking to grow taller, but the steps can be used to visualize other physical changes as well.


How to grow taller with any age
How to perform grow taller meditation
Zixia's Growing Taller Method

Some helpful blogs:
My First Inch - My Growing Taller Journey
My Grow Taller Journey
Grow taller with me and change your life

Please share your progress, other readers and myself would love to hear your method and any advice.

Take care and wishing you the best in achieving your goals.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back from a hiatus!

Dear Readers,

Though there haven't been any new posts since last month, I am now back and enthusiastic to provide you with new information and keep you updated on my own progress.

I will admit that my consistence during the past few weeks hasn't been the best, and I haven't been visualizing as frequently and as consistently as I did in the beginning. Nevertheless, it pleases me to say that I have made mental progress - the reality of my facial bones changing form has grown stronger in my consciousness and these beliefs are being reinforced every day. My image of the look I would like to possess has grown much clearer and more definite. My method has evolved, and in this post, you will read how.

One text that has influenced me a lot is "It Works" R.H. Jarrett. This small book was written in the 1920s and gives very concise instructions about how to attain anything you wish. You can find a free online copy here.
  1. Make a list as mentioned in "It Works". Become very specific about what you want, make a clear list and look at it three times a day - morning, daytime, and night. When you read this list, your subconscious mind takes hold of these desires and works to bring them to physical reality. Whenever I read my list, I try to feel grateful and happy about each item, as if I possess/experience all of them. With this list, it's helped me to list smaller (but urgent) goals towards the top of the list. I also make sure to give myself ample time to see them through. For instance, my goal for my eyes is 4mm wider on each side by 22 November 2012.
  2. Visualize morning and night for 15-20 minutes. I feel a tingling sensation and light pressure in the areas of my face where my eyes are moving into position (sorry if that came out oddly in this language!) Visualizations in the day have also been helpful for me when I feel especially motivated. I like to think of it this way : some days, I may feel more motivated or have more time to put towards the accomplishment of my physical change goals. So on those days I take advantage of my mental state and visualize for longer periods and with more intensity than usual. Those days balance out the times when my focus wanders.
  3. When I visualize, I sometimes use the recordings of Zixia or Victoria Wizell (search "Victoria Wizell grow taller" on Google.) Though they are specified towards growing taller, I apply them to changing my facial bone structure, particularly the shape and size of my eye sockets and nasal bridge. I have found that listening to these hypnosis recordings help me stay focused and often put me in a hypnotic trance quicker.
  4. Keep track of your progress with a calendar. I write the days I have visualized (ideally every day!) on a calendar. This way I can see how much I've put into my goal and can see when and if I get off track, such as last month. Seeing my effort on paper really solidifies how much I want this and how I must discipline myself I am going to get there.
When a doubtful thought comes to mind, it is much, much easier and more natural for me to switch it into a positive one. For instance, when I feel down about my current appearance and think how unhappy I feel looking this way, I quickly remind myself that my new face - with its beauty and balanced proportions - is on its way! I tell myself that I should be thankful and happy that it is happening, that progress and physical growth is occurring every day, and that with each time I visualize, my dream is within closer reach. I remind myself that I have put the effort into learning about the mind, visualizing, and becoming very clear about my desires. It's natural to become impatient when you are waiting for something, but it is good to know that it is still coming, and that it's only been two months.

I also remind myself of the other things I have accomplished in my life, especially those that would have been deemed as "impossible" by the majority of people.

Believe in yourself - don't ever let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do.

Best wishes to all,


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hello Readers!

In today's post, I will be discussing another great way to assist you in achieving your goals: hypnosis! Self-hypnosis can put you in a deeply relaxed state in which you are receptive to the suggestions given. On the internet, you can find great hypnosis recordings for growing taller, such as those by Victoria Wizell and Dr. Laura De Giorgio. Even if gaining height is not your goal, using the recordings for changing other physical attributes can be very effective.

Instead of using my own homemade recordings, sometimes I use Victoria Wizell's "grow taller" recordings. They are around 30 minutes in length and are pleasant to listen to before or after sleeping. In my case, I don't imagine myself growing taller; rather, I listen to the recordings while imagining my facial features changing. It's always nice to change things up in your routine if you are someone who enjoys variety.

I also recommend the recordings on Zixia's blog, Grow taller with me. Zixia's recordings focus more on using Qigong for relaxation and creating the change. If you have an interest in the Chinese practice of Qigong, then her's may be perfect for you!

Sending you love, hope, and positivity,



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