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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My 15+ Minute Visualization Routine

Dear Readers,

I apologize for not updating for a week. I've been quite busy with handling a lot of formalities with my international move (very exciting and good, I'm super happy!) Thus, I haven't had much time to write a thoughtful post.

The past week I haven't really focused too much on my visualizations about changing the distance between my eyes. As I stated, there have been a lot of other things going on in my life that have been keeping me occupied. Nevertheless, I certainly haven't forgotten about my goal with changing my appearance and sharing my journey as well as my knowledge on this blog.

I began my regular visualization routine yesterday before bed, returning with great focus and vision. In case I didn't mention it before, my visualization consists of listening to two audio recordings of encouragement and imagining myself living with my new eyes. These I recorded myself, and they are a total of 5 minutes long. One focuses on how excited I am to be receiving these eyes right now, how happy I am that my bones and my face is changing, and how my face loves that I'm allowing it to obtain its perfect structure - the structure in my mind that I send lots of loving thoughts and admiration to. The other is written in the tense of when the physical change will be blatantly noticeable. In this recording, I speak about how wonderful I feel when I look in the mirror and feel so happy with myself and how I look. I also mention the frequent stares of people at me, how many people notice my new beauty, and how I love feeling the beautiful new contours of my face. (This is not meant to sound conceited or egotistical, it's just reinforcing some good things for my own mind. Something that I just keep in my visualizations to give them some added feeling.) The recordings make the change even more real to me, and more attainable. They help to set the stage for the rest of the visualization and my final emotions before falling asleep. If you are an auditory person or simply think that this would be a good practice for you, make some simple recordings with your computer microphone. Add emotion and a real sense of conviction to your voice and you will not be disappointed!

After this part of my visualization, I spend around 10 minutes (sometimes a little more) focusing on all of those good thoughts that my recordings reinforced. I also imagine my cells expanding and the details of my face up close. I imagine having my photo taken and feeling really happy about how I look in them. I imagine meeting people and being confident about myself. Overall, I feel just simple yet powerful feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. They remind me of how much I desire this change and what I'm doing to make it happen. It's good to congratulate yourself on the steps you're taking because it will encourage you to take more. Congratulating also reinforces your belief in the process and makes a barrier against any negative thoughts you may face.

Sending you all love, encouragement, and support. The change is happening, even if you can't see it yet!



  1. Thats good you have planned a routine! =) You seem well prepared and organized. Maybe I should get into planning now. Like meditating to theta 2x a day and when I wake up I’ll focus on what I want. I'm on hiatus right now plus I feel confident it will work. So its time for me to focus on my meditation and other things I couldn't be bothered to do since coming to PI like nearly 24/7. I meditate to theta binaural beat. I think the most important thing ever is sticking to a method you started off with because if you change a lot you start to feel inconsistent. That was me before but now I want to take this seriously. I’m starting a journal on my physical manifestations too. I want to manifest good eyesight, straight nose, my dream face, my skin to be a bit lighter in colour, straight hair, muscles, and height of 6’3. Its going to be a massive change but I’ll get through this. Anyway BB I wish you all the best for your physical manifestations.

    Wasp. xoxo

    1. Hello Wasp,

      Thank you for your second comment! I try to stay organized, sometimes doing the 15 minute routine twice a day if I feel up to it. :) It's always a great idea to plan if you find that works for you. Experiment and don't be afraid to make mistakes or change your course of action. The way I see it, as long as you keep your goal in mind and take some form of action on a consistent basis, you are progressing! So don't worry too much about changing because you are still getting there. Keep it up! :)

      I wish you the best for your physical manifestations too, Wasp! I would love to hear about the progress you make.

      Take care and sending you lots of encouragement,




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